Axe Cop Review

Axe Cop Review

Axe Cop Review

I’ll just start saying this; I love Axe Cop. I think it’s an awesome show. I’ve seen every episode multiple times and I’m really stoked for the next season to come out (if there is one). With that being said though… It’s not necessarily a show for everyone. It is a SUPER random show, like over the top random. The Axe Cop characters, the situations themselves, even the dialogue is incredibly random. Axe Cop himself has such a straight to the point, very blunt way of speaking that it’s somewhat juvenile in nature. It’s almost as if a child himself wrote it… Oh shit. Maybe because a child DID actually write it. Yeah, you heard that right. Axe Cop was originally designed as a web comic series back in 2009 by two brothers; Malachai Nicolle who was 5 years old when the series began, and Ethan Nicolle who was 29. All of the characters, stories, and concepts came from the imagination of Malachai and they were brought to life through the drawings of Ethan. So yeah, a 5 year old wrote this shit. That was back in 2009 however, Axe Cop didn’t actually become a television show until 2013 when a group of writers expanded upon his stories, though Malachai did continue to provide additional insight to the show. Anyway, here goes my Axe Cop review.

Axe Cop follows the adventures of Axe Cop and his brother Flute Cop, along with other members of their crime fighting team of superheroes. The genre is a little bit hard to describe. It’s definitely a comedy in the sense that the sheer ridiculousness of the situations are played for laughs, but the actual adventures and the premise of what they’re doing is action based. I mean shit, a recurring theme in the series is Axe Cop talking about all the bad guy’s heads he’s going to chop off, and him actually doing so. The episodes are always centered around Axe Cop and his team killing a bunch of bad guys and traveling to various made up planets and other imaginative places. It’s a pretty cool hybrid mixture of action and comedy with a bit more focus on comedy.

The characters on Axe Cop are some pretty ridiculous ones. You have the main character Axe Cop and his brother Flute Cop, and the other members of their ‘superhero’ team include: Gray Diamond, Sockarang, Liborg, and the flying tyrannosaurus rex with machine guns for arms known as Wexter. They all have their own various superpowers which are extremely random in their own right. There really are no recurring villains as the show is episodic in nature so it follows a ‘new bad guy of the week’ approach. Plus each bad guy is killed at the end of every episode, usually with some cheesy one liner by Axe Cop (which is usually funny as shit) as he kills them.

Overall Rating: 85/100

Music: C

Voice Acting: A

Art Animation: Everyone looks like typical superhero characters, proportionally sized. Think Batman cartoons but with not as dark of colors

Genre: A mix of comedy/action

Premise of Show: A superhero cop wielding an axe goes on missions with his team of other equally strange-powered superheroes to kill bad guys and chop their heads off

Episode Length: 11-12 minutes

Episodic or Continuity? Episodic

Network/Where to Watch: ADHD block on FXX, Hulu


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Axe Cop Characters

Axe Cop

Axe Cop

Axe Cop (Voiced by Nick Offerman)- The titular character himself. Axe Cop is all that in which his name applies… He’s a cop that uses an axe. He’s a pretty buff dude with a pretty gnarly mustache; he’s basically a total badass. Considering a 5 year old thought of his character and a lot of his original dialogue, he has a very direct way of speaking and a one track mind that consists of killing bad guys and… That’s basically it. That’s literally all he cares about. He seems to display very little emotion about anything really, including his ‘friends’ if you even want to call them that. Nick Offerman was the perfect voice for this role, he does a great job in delivering the ‘dry-ness’ of his lines in which they were intended. Axe Cop himself has an array of incredibly unique but incredibly random super powers.Some of his powers include dying on purpose so he can come back to life as a ghost, kicking the souls out of people, being able to turn his dreams into reality, bouncing bullets off of him, being able to re-attach his head after getting it chopped off… Just to name a few. Yeah, Axe Cop is a f*cking beast.

Flute Cop

Flute Cop

Flute Cop (Voiced by Ken Marino)- Axe Cop’s brother and his right hand sidekick. Although him and Axe Cop are brothers, they have absolutely no memory of it. One time when they were real little, they walked backwards and bumped into each other. The knock to each other’s head caused them both to forget they were brothers. Fate brought them back together though when Axe Cop held open tryouts to join his superhero team and Flute Cop showed up. Unlike Axe Cop, Flute Cop has a family and in general displays more emotion. He has his wife and his son, uni-baby. He likes to kill bad guys like Axe Cop too, but only in the daytime. He will randomly transform into random animals/objects that Axe Cop orders him to turn into; it’s super bizarre, yet awesome. His powers are never entirely explained, but multiple moments throughout the series show his flute creating mysterious melodies which seem to have different effects. He can play his flute to send distress signals to Axe Cop and the other characters, and he can play his flute to damage bad guys. It’s pretty versatile, really.

Gray Diamond

Gray Diamond

Gray Diamond (Voiced by Rob Huebel)- He’s basically just a guy in a weird superhero costume with a giant gray diamond on his head, hence Gray Diamond. He actually does have a backstory that is the plot in of one of the episodes in Season 2, but other than that he’s not too relevant. He doesn’t really seem to have any special powers of any sort and is kind of just ‘there’ most of the time. He does provide some comic relief every now and then along with Sockarang, however.



Sockarang (Voiced by Patton Oswalt)- This interesting looking dude has socks for arms that he can use to shoot at bad guys that will return to him like boomerangs… thus, the name Sockarang. Why he would choose socks for weapons and how that would even damage bad guys is beyond me, but I guess that’s just an example of a 5 year old thinking of all this shit. Patton Oswalt voices him so he’s a pretty zany, loud character as one would expect from the voice actor. He doesn’t really contribute a whole lot action wise and is more there for comic relief. Him and Gray Diamond seem to be pretty close homies.



Liborg (Voiced by Tyler the Creator)- He’s not really one of main characters necessarily as he only appears in a handful of episodes, but besides the previously mentioned four characters he probably has the next highest amount of screen time. Much like the other characters on Axe Cop, he’s directly named after what he is. So as you could probably guess, he’s part lion and part cyborg. That’s really all there is to say about him. Occasionally he’ll come in some episodes and help bust shit up, but that’s basically as far as his character goes.



Wexter (Voiced by ????)- Barely even considered a character since he doesn’t actually talk and just makes occasional roars and all that, but he’s featured in most episodes so I felt like I had to include him in here. Wexter is a tyrannosaurus rex that can fly and has machine guns for arms… Yeah. He’s pretty f*cking sweet actually. I wish I had my own Wexter. But yeah, he is basically Axe Cop’s means of transportation to various planets and whatnot, and his pet as well.

With the characters on Axe Cop covered, let’s move on.

The Content

The story of Axe Cop is this, I’ll try my best to say it word for word from the opening intro… “One day at the scene of the fire, a cop found the perfect axe. That was the day he became Axe Cop.” That’s literally it. The rest of the intro then goes on with Axe Cop saying how he needs a partner now so he holds tryouts, then some other cop wielding a flute comes outta nowhere and proclaims to be Flute Cop. The intro concludes with Axe Cop saying some ridiculous phrase about the mission that him and Flute Cop are about to go on, like “We have to capture the ghost of a great white shark!” Or, “Let’s go inside a mouse’s imagination!” They never actually do the thing he talks about doing which is hilarious in its own right, but the absurdity of them is pretty damn funny as well.

Super Axe

Joining forces with Super Axe

While Axe Cop doesn’t have a complex overarching plot, amazing character dialogue, or clever metaphors with its comedy… It doesn’t need to as the simplicity of it all is part of its charm. It doesn’t try to hide what it is and does exactly what intends it to do. Considering the opening intro to the show even tells you that a 5 year old is part responsible for creating it, you should know that you’re not getting yourself into an Emmy nominated program for sophisticated writing here. What you are getting yourself into though is a 12 minute long, super fun ride filled with sheer randomness and imaginative adventures that is sure to make you laugh along the way. Basically all of the episodes follow the formula of Axe Cop going on some epic adventure to a bad guy’s evil lair/fortress/planet/etc. and eventually chopping their heads off. A lot of these are referred to as ‘night missions’ since Axe Cop goes on a lot of them in the dark. Whenever it’s specifically referred to as a night mission, Axe Cop dresses up in a onesie that’s in the shape of a bat, little bat ears sticking out and everything. Definitely an ode to Batman in some type of way, and I’m sure part of the reason why the show itself is animated similarly to Batman cartoons. The actual formulas of the episodes are extremely predictable in nature, but predictability isn’t a bad thing as long as the execution is well done. For the most part, Axe Cop nails the execution. That’s not to say the entire episodes are predictable though; while the outcomes of the episode are usually predictable in the fact that Axe Cop will eventually chop off the bad guy’s head, the events that cause the outcome to happen are often unpredictable. This is usually due to Axe Cop pulling some random power out of his ass in the last 2 minutes of the show that you had no idea he had until that exact moment. And when I say random power, I must really emphasize the word ‘random’. Some of the powers he just seems to make up on the spot are SO nonsensical that you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of them. For example, in one episode he lets himself get tied up and killed by a bad guy just so he can come back to life as a ghost, untie himself then kill the bad guy. In another episode, you think Axe Cop dies earlier on because his head gets chopped off, but at the end of the episode you find out he has the power to re-attach his head after getting it chopped off… Need I explain more about the absurdity of these? There’s not much to write about the music in Axe Cop. There’s really not a whole lot of original songs going on, it’s largely just a lot of sound effects with various generic action-oriented music playing in the background at times during fight scenes. The music isn’t terrible by any means, but it doesn’t really add anything to the scenes either.

Night Outfit

The Night Outfit

Axe Cop isn’t super popular, which is a bit surprising to me that it’s not more popular than it is because the Axe Cop voice cast is a pretty damn good one. You have actors like Nick Offerman (probably best known as Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec), Ken Marino, Rob Huebel, Patton Oswalt, Megan Mullally, and Tyler the Creator lending their voices to the show. I mean, shit, even Jordan Peele from Key and Peele is in one of the episodes and that dude’s hilarious. To be completely honest, it’s a f*cking rockstar voice cast that competes against the very best animated shows out there right now in the voice acting department. It’s a shame that the show isn’t more recognized and flies under most people’s radar though; I feel that the show is criminally underrated. People simply just don’t know about it. Same with the other animated shows on FXX’s new late night block that was made to compete against Adult Swim, such as the Lucas Bros. and Major Lazer. It’s such a new block that the majority of people just don’t know about it yet. Hopefully the block catches some popularity soon though as it would be such an unfortunate loss for this show and some of the others to not get renewed for future seasons.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a deep narrative, rich dialogue, or great character development… This probably isn’t the show for you. But if you’re looking for an imaginative adventure to lose yourself in for 12 minutes that doesn’t take itself seriously with both action and comedy, complete with a superb voice cast, then look no further. Axe Cop is a fun, enjoyable show that never pretends to be anything that it’s not. Each episode aims to give you an extremely random superhero story that only a child could imagine, although unlike a normal child’s imagination, these thought up stories contain over the top violent scenes and swear words. I personally really enjoyed the show overall, but your mileage may vary if you’re not into random humor. In all honesty though, no review of Axe Cop could really do the show justice to how exactly how random and nonsensical it really is. So I will end my Axe Cop review with a soliloquy spoken by Axe Cop himself at the beginning of one of the episodes. If these words do nothing to you to prove how much of a total badass Axe Cop really is, then I have nothing more to say to you. Word for word, here it is…

“My name is Axe Cop. I live in a house with two invisible doors. One for my pet dinosaur, and one for me. I only wear underwear that has a picture of me chopping off a bad guy’s head. When I turn, the picture of me moves and chops off his head. In the morning, I usually find a broken window and I see a bad guy getting away in the distance. I have a rigorous exercise routine. I can do an infinite amount of reps of everything. When I arrive at the Axe Cop station, the first thing I do is print out a list of bad guys to kill, and then I kill them all. At night, after everyone goes home to be with their families, I go on a night mission. I don’t work the day shift or the night shift, I work the always shift. Because I’m a hero.”

And that my friends, is a true hero.

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