Stone Quackers Review

Stone Quackers Review

Stone Quackers Review

If I saw a screenshot of Stone Quackers before watching it, I feel like I would think it’s a cool show that I would probably like. If I heard the premise of Stone Quackers before watching it, I feel like I would think it’s a funny show that I would probably like. Overall, upon first glance Stone Quackers seemed like a show that I would probably like. Unfortunately… These predictions were all completely disproven. Nevertheless, here I am. And here’s my Stone Quackers review.

The characters in Stone Quackers are very hollow and bland. Each character has their basic stereotype that they’re molded after, but that’s really as far as their characters go.

Overall Rating: 61/100

Voice acting: D

Music: D

Art Animation: Very bright and almost pastel, water-like colors. Simply drawn but the backgrounds have a nice, painted look to them. Colorful and vidid backdrops; the real highlight of the show.

Genre: Comedy

Premise of Show: The misadventures of two stoner ducks and their friends.

Episode Length: 11-12 minutes

Network/Where to Watch: ADHD block on FXX, Hulu

Episodic or Continuity? Episodic.

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Characters in Stone Quackers


Slacker #1

Whit (Voiced by Whitmer Thomas)- The main character of the show and probably the most likable one of the main crew as well, which isn’t really saying much though. He’s a typical yellow duck with a red hat. Like his best friend Clay, he is a lazy slacker although he seems to be the more sensible, intelligent one of the two.


Slacker #2

Clay (Voiced by Clay Tatum)- Whit’s best friend and a blue duck with a gray hat. He’s shorter and fatter than Whit which makes him not as successful with women. He’s a slacker just like his best friend and arguably even lazier.


Slacker #3

Barf (Voiced by Ben Jones)- The other male friend but not as close with the others because he’s a huge, fat idiot. He lacks common sense and intelligence in general; his crude behavior makes it hard for people to like him.


Eyes like that it must be hard to go out in the sunlight

Dottie (Voiced by Heather Lawless)- The female duck of the crew, Dottie is a white duck with red eyes. She has a soft, whispering voice, and is kind of creepy in nature to be quite honest. The red eyes don’t help. Her and Officer Barry awkwardly try to make a love connection across the series, but usually fail at it.

Officer Barry

He has the hair of Mr. Reilly

Officer Barry (Voiced by John C. Reilly)- The police officer of Cheeseburger town and probably the coolest character on the show. He frequently delivers internal monologues when on screen. Him and Dottie try to connect romantically throughout the series with plenty of complications along the way.


The Content

The name Stone Quackers and premise of the show kind of reminds me of that one episode of Family Guy where Peter comes up with an idea for a cartoon show that revolves around handicapped ducks living together called Handiquacks. It’s almost as if someone took that idea and actually made a show about it. And yes, it’s just as bad as Peter made it seem, if not even worse. Handiquacks would have been a funnier show even. The ducks on Stone Quackers aren’t physically handicapped though, however their behavior makes them seem mentally handicapped at the least. The show follows the surreal misadventures of Whit, Clay, Barf, Dottie and Officer Barry in the beachside town of Cheeseburger Island. That’s basically it. There’s no real plot to the show as it’s a stoner show (as if you couldn’t tell by the name of the series) that’s episodic in nature. That’s perfectly fine, as not all shows need great character development or a compelling storyline to be enjoyable. I actually really like super random, stoner shows as long as they are funny and executed well. Axe Cop, Major Lazer, and the Lucas Bros. are all similar in the fact that they come from the ADHD block and are extremely random, stoner-like and episodic. One glaring difference though… Those shows are actually funny and enjoyable to watch. Stone Quackers is rarely funny, rarely cool, and overall rarely enjoyable. I really don’t think I ever laughed out loud once at the show. For a stoner show that’s main goal is to make you laugh… This is clearly not a good thing. *Insert youhadonejob.jpg*

Whit and Clay

Awkwardly touching…

The whole show just seems so soul-less and the characters are so hollow and devoid of personality or depth. I never found myself to care about the characters or the situations they were in, and I never caught myself laughing or even really smiling at the show. I barely care enough about the show to even write this review. For shows in this type of genre, I feel that they have to go one of two routes to be successful. They either have to be completely over-the-top and nonsensically random, like Axe Cop, or they have to have some form of a coherent plot for each episode with bits of extreme randomness thrown in at times, like Rick and Morty. Stone Quackers tries to straddle some awkward middle ground where it attempts to do both, but fails miserably at each. It’s sort of hard to explain what exactly I’m referring to, but hopefully some of you get what I mean. A lot of episodes try to have a general plot to follow, but it’s never a very captivating plot to follow along with so most of the time you end up just paying attention to the humorous dialogue and situations… Which never really come, and which is why the show fails on both of these ends.

I do have to admit that I am a big fan of the art style, backgrounds, and colors of the show though. There’s just something very appealing about the simply drawn, water color-like look to all the environments. The bright colors create sort of a soothing, relaxing atmosphere… Until you actually listen to the show and hear some of the dark and twisted dialogue. This aspect almost even makes me madder when I think about it. Such a gorgeous art style and backdrops wasted on such a terrible show… Hopefully this style will be re-created in the future with an actual ‘good’ show. I’ll tune in and give it a chance just for the animation and colors alone.

John C. Reilly

Maybe if he had Will Ferrell the show could be saved

There’s no real music to the show. It plays very sparingly and isn’t really noticeable when it does. You’re left to listen to the main character’s voices amongst otherwise silent scenes for the most part, which wouldn’t be so bad if the dialogue was actually good and if most of the character’s voices weren’t SO DAMN ANNOYING. I truly dislike almost every voice on this show. Even if they were actually saying something funny, which they aren’t most of the time, it’s hard to even acknowledge the humor of it due to the atrociousness of their voices. Dottie has a bland, monotone voice who sounds like she’s been stripped of her soul. Barf has a excruciatingly painful voice. Clay’s voice is just annoying. Whit’s voice is partially annoying. Officer Barry is voiced by John C. Reilly so his is decent, but it’s still not that great in all honesty. What makes John C. Reilly so funny in movies are his mannerisms, his looks, and his whole comedic act. He’s not funny due to his voice alone like guys such as Patrick Warburton or H. Jon Benjamin can be. Hence why he has his career success with live acting and not voice acting. So unfortunately, even John C. Reilly can’t make up for the other lackluster performances in the show. That really doesn’t even apply to just voice acting in general, that theme carries over to the overall show itself. John C. Reilly may be a funny ass dude on his own and in his own movies, but one guy can’t save a show from terrible writing, hollow characters devoid of personality, and unlikeable voice acting.

Final Verdict: Wasted potential. That’s the first thing I think of when looking back on this show. The backgrounds are gorgeous, the colors are appealing, the concept of the show has the potential to be funny… But ultimately it just falls short on every level. Theoretically, a stoner show based around ducks just hanging out with the occasional surreal/super natural thing happening has the potential to be awesome. I immediately think of a more mature Regular Show with adult themes, which would be absolutely amazing. Unfortunately in my opinion, Stone Quackers does not live up to that potential awesomeness. I think that some people MIGHT be able to find some enjoyment out of this show. I wouldn’t recommend it to most though. If you like super random Adult Swim type shows, there is a chance you might end up liking this show. If you only like mainstream adult animated comedies like Family Guy, South Park, etc. then I suppose there is a chance you may like this… But I doubt it. If you don’t like ANY of those type of shows though, then stay away from this show. Far, far away. You have been warned.

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