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Axe Cop Characters



Axe Cop (Voiced by Nick Offerman)- The titular character himself. Axe Cop is all that in which his name applies… He’s a cop that uses an axe. He’s a pretty buff dude with a pretty gnarly mustache; he’s basically a total badass. Considering a 5 year old thought of his character and a lot of his original dialogue, he has a very direct way of speaking and a one track mind that consists of killing bad guys and… That’s basically it. That’s literally all he cares about. He seems to display very little emotion about anything really, including his ‘friends’ if you even want to call them that. Nick Offerman was the perfect voice for this role, he does a great job in delivering the ‘dry-ness’ of his lines in which they were intended. Axe Cop himself has an array of incredibly unique but incredibly random super powers.

Some of his powers include dying on purpose so he can come back to life as a ghost, kicking the souls out of people, being able to turn his dreams into reality, bouncing bullets off of him, being able to re-attach his head after getting it chopped off… Just to name a few. Yeah, Axe Cop is a f*cking beast.




Flute Cop (Voiced by Ken Marino)- Axe Cop’s brother and his right hand sidekick. Although him and Axe Cop are brothers, they have absolutely no memory of it. One time when they were real little, they walked backwards and bumped into each other. The knock to each other’s head caused them both to forget they were brothers. Fate brought them back together though when Axe Cop held open tryouts to join his superhero team and Flute Cop showed up. Unlike Axe Cop, Flute Cop has a family and in general displays more emotion. He has his wife and his son, uni-baby. He likes to kill bad guys like Axe Cop too, but only in the daytime. He will randomly transform into random animals/objects that Axe Cop orders him to turn into; it’s super bizarre, yet awesome. His powers are never entirely explained, but multiple moments throughout the series show his flute creating mysterious melodies which seem to have different effects. He can play his flute to send distress signals to Axe Cop and the other characters, and he can play his flute to damage bad guys. It’s pretty versatile, really.


greydiamond 2


Gray Diamond (Voiced by Rob Huebel)- He’s basically just a guy in a weird superhero costume with a giant gray diamond on his head, hence Gray Diamond. He actually does have a backstory that is the plot in of one of the episodes in Season 2, but other than that he’s not too relevant. He doesn’t really seem to have any special powers of any sort and is kind of just ‘there’ most of the time. He does provide some comic relief every now and then along with Sockarang, however.



Sockarang (Voiced by Patton Oswalt)- This interesting looking dude has socks for arms that he can use to shoot at bad guys that will return to him like boomerangs… thus, the name Sockarang. Why he would choose socks for weapons and how that would even damage bad guys is beyond me, but I guess that’s just an example of a 5 year old thinking of all this shit. Patton Oswalt voices him so he’s a pretty zany, loud character as one would expect from the voice actor. He doesn’t really contribute a whole lot action wise and is more there for comic relief. Him and Gray Diamond seem to be pretty close homies.




Liborg (Voiced by Tyler the Creator)- He’s not really one of main characters necessarily as he only appears in a handful of episodes, but besides the previously mentioned four characters he probably has the next highest amount of screen time. Much like the other characters on Axe Cop, he’s directly named after what he is. So as you could probably guess, he’s part lion and part cyborg. That’s really all there is to say about him. Occasionally he’ll come in some episodes and help bust shit up, but that’s basically as far as his character goes.




Wexter (Voiced by ????)- Barely even considered a character since he doesn’t actually talk and just makes occasional roars and all that, but he’s featured in most episodes so I felt like I had to include him in here. Wexter is a tyrannosaurus rex that can fly and has machine guns for arms… Yeah. He’s pretty f*cking sweet actually. I wish I had my own Wexter. But yeah, he is basically Axe Cop’s means of transportation to various planets and whatnot, and his pet as well.

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