Characters in Major Lazer

Characters in Major Lazer


Major Lazer (Voiced by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje)- The titular character of the show and a total weed smoking, laser cannon blasting badass. He speaks with a thick Jamaican accent as one would expect with his appearance; he kind of looks like Bob Marley on steroids in a GI Joe styled outfit. He’s a man of few words, and not much is known about his background. He battles against President Whitewall’s evil minions with Penny Whitewall and the hacker Blkmrkt. Major Lazer stays cool, calm, and collected… Probably because he’s always high. He is impulsive and responds to action when he needs to though, and he always finds a way to defeat the bad guy and save the day. When he’s not fighting evil, he runs his club ‘The Groove’.


Penny Whitewall (Voiced by Angela Trimbur)- The daughter of President Whitewall and a frequent ally to Major Lazer. She is an outgoing, attractive, popular high-school student who likes to party and hang out with friends. Most episodes feature her in some way as a secondary protagonist behind Major Lazer, either with her needing to get saved by Major Lazer or sometimes even saving the day herself.



Blkmrkt (Voiced by John Boyega)- An 11 year old child prodigy who is part Jamaican and part Chinese. He is extremely intelligent and can invent all types of crazy devices as well as hack into any type of network. In the three person team with Major Lazer and Penny, his character stays more behind the scenes as the brains behind the operations while the other two are usually the ones who actually go on the adventures.


President Whitewall (Voiced by J.K. Simmons)- The president of Jamaica and a corrupt, rich, power hungry tyrant. He also happens to be the father of Penny Whitewall. He hates music and he hates Major Lazer; yeah, he’s a giant bag of fun. Who honestly hates music besides the reverend from Footloose? Apparently this guy.


General Rubbish (Voiced by James Adomian) President Whitewall’s righthand man and the one who does all the dirty work. Whitewall usually just chills back at his lair while General Rubbish is the one gathering all the bad guys to go attack Major Lazer, which always ends in failure. He appears to be made out of trashcans and speakers.

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