Characters in Rick and Morty

Characters in Rick and Morty

Rick Sanchez- Morty’s grandpa and an absolute scientific genius, while at the same time being an alcoholic with a substance abuse problem. He’s impulsive, cold-hearted, a sociopath, always drunk, and overall just a dick most of the time to a lot of people, including his own family. He’s not afraid to resort to any means necessary to successfully complete his task, even if it means putting others in danger. He has a fairly pessimistic outlook on life and views things in a very rational, calculated way; he’s seen too much negativity throughout the galaxy to remain naive about it. His background story is full of mysteries and questions, but it is very clear that he has been involved in some pretty heavy events as he is a wanted criminal with the Galactic Federation for countless crimes. His bleak pessimism on life combined with his sketchy past events are largely the reasons why he has a substance abuse problem and why he is always drinking. As he said himself, the best way to deal with horrible events is to “just not think about it.” His substance abuse problem causes him to talk in a rambling manner with a lot of slurring, stuttering and consistent burping throughout his speech. However, with all of that being said, he does have a softer side and I truly believe that deep down he is a good person. Multiple moments throughout the series show that he does actually care about his family and that he wants to do the right thing to protect them. The finale of Season Two did a lot to prove that.


Morty Smith- Rick’s grandson and a 14 year old high school student. He often tags along with Rick on all of their crazy sci-fi adventures and he is usually the more grounded, sensible one of the two. That’s not always a good thing though as sometimes it is Rick’s rash decisions that save them from whatever hijinks they find themselves in. Morty is more reserved, passive, timid, and in general is just a more of an introverted guy. He also stutters a lot in his speech but it’s not due to a substance abuse problem like Rick. While Rick is super laid back and always down to do crazy shit even if it’s dangerous, Morty is more uptight, more of a rule follower and tries to play the safer route more often than not. Rick often is very controlling in their relationship and forces Morty into doing things he really doesn’t want to do, although at times Morty’s sensibility and naivety with the world can cause Rick to re-think some things. They’re definitely a good balance to each other with their opposing personality traits; it’s like ying and yang, broh.


Beth Smith- Rick’s daughter, mother of Morty and Summer, and Jerry’s husband. She’s a horse surgeon for her profession, although various times throughout the show she expresses concern and regret for never becoming a ‘real’ surgeon. She takes a bit after her dad in the fact that she is somewhat emotionally distant at times and can be pretty insensitive; this is mainly true with Jerry which is a recurring issue throughout the series. She has a pretty good relationship with the rest of the family though as she has proven that she cares about Rick, Morty, and Summer a lot. For whatever reason it’s just Jerry that there is this constant emotional struggle with. Her and Jerry have pretty severe marital problems that cause the audience to wonder if they’re truly meant to be together or if they’re forcing themselves to stay with each other because of their family. A certain episode pretty much does confirm that they are indeed meant to be together, however numerous other moments in the show almost make it hard to believe.


Jerry Smith- Beth’s husband, father of Morty and Summer, and in all honesty… A little bitch. That’s barely even a joke; that’s really what the show wants you to think of him as. Rick is always a dick to him and makes fun of him constantly. Beth basically treats him like shit and doesn’t seem to care about rekindling their marriage most of the time. He’s essentially the punching bag of the family. Even Morty and Summer don’t treat him with the most respect at times. With all that being said, I like Jerry a lot though. He means well and gets unfairly picked on most of the time; he’s genuinely a nice guy that cares about his family. Well, except for Rick. Him and Rick hate each other. Jerry MIGHT have the slightest hint of respect for Rick, but Rick has none for him.


Summer Smith- Rick’s granddaughter and Morty’s sister. She’s a 17 year old high school student and… well, that’s basically all we really know of her. Of the five main characters she has definitely gotten the least screen time. What we do know of her is that she’s very impressionable and is basically like your average teenage girl. She is often annoyed with her family, cares too much about being well liked at school, and obsessed with social media and technology. While far from a scientific genius like Rick, she’s pretty sharp-minded and witty in her own right. Although she doesn’t like to admit it, numerous occasions show that she can get quite jealous over all the adventures that Rick has with Morty and not her.

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