Characters in Stone Quackers

Characters in Stone Quackers


Whit- The main character of the show and probably the most likable one of the main crew as well, which isn’t really saying much though. He’s a typical yellow duck with a red hat. Like his best friend Clay, he is a lazy slacker although he seems to be the more sensible, intelligent one of the two.


Clay- Whit’s best friend and a blue duck with a gray hat. He’s shorter and fatter than Whit which makes him not as successful with women. He’s a slacker just like his best friend and arguably even lazier.


Barf- The other male friend but not as close with the others because he’s a huge, fat idiot. He lacks common sense and intelligence in general; his crude behavior makes it hard for people to like him.

ANIMATION DOMINATION -- Pictured: Stone Quackers. CR: FXX

Dottie- The female duck of the crew, Dottie is a white duck with red eyes. She has a soft, whispering voice, and is kind of creepy in nature to be quite honest. The red eyes don’t help. Her and Officer Barry awkwardly try to make a love connection across the series, but usually fail at it.

Officer Barry- The police officer of Cheeseburger town and probably the coolest character on the show. He frequently delivers internal monologues when on screen. Him and Dottie try to connect romantically throughout the series with plenty of complications along the way.

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