Characters in The Cleveland Show

Characters in The Cleveland Show

Cleveland Brown (Voiced by Mike Henry)- The main man himself. Wildly different from his quiet, monotone-speaking counterpart in Family Guy, his version in The Cleveland Show illustrates him to be more of an outspoken, energetic guy with a wide array of tones to his voice. His new personality is actually pretty similar to Peter from Family Guy, although he’s not nearly as mentally challenged and overall has better morals, which perhaps makes him a bit more likable. While he can be selfish at times, generally speaking he is a pretty polite dude to most people.

Donna Tubbs Brown (Voiced by Sanaa Lathan)- Cleveland’s old high-school friend and wannabe sweetheart. The both of them rekindled their connection and got married at the start of The Cleveland Show when Cleveland moved back to his hometown Stoolbend, Virginia. She was previously married to Robert, Cleveland’s high school rival, with whom she had two kids with, Roberta and Rallo. While she is quick-tempered and is overall a pretty feisty lady like Cleveland’s ex wife Loretta was, she is also more understanding and sensitive.

Cleveland Brown, Jr. (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)- Cleveland’s real son who came with him from Quahog. He went through a complete re-design with his character when transitioning from Family Guy to The Cleveland Show. While in Family Guy he was depicted as being very hyperactive and athletic, his rendition in The Cleveland Show portrays him to be extremely obese, awkward, and all around lazy. He speaks with a peculiar, high-pitched tone of voice. Later episodes him reveal him to be non-religious, but not exactly atheist either. That trait alone draws connections to Brian from Family Guy, but overall his character has the most similarities to Chris as far as the Griffins go, considering they are both ‘the fat and socially awkward teenage son’ of the family.

Roberta Tubbs (Voiced by Reagan Gomez-Preston)- Donna’s 15 year old biological daughter and Cleveland’s step daughter. She is a popular high school student and acts exactly as you would expect a stereotypical representation of popular students to act; self-centered, a bit of a bully, social media obsessive, and more concerned with appearing cool to her peers rather than doing the right thing. She is dating a white wannabe thug by the name of Federline Jones, who is a direct reference to Kevin Federline down to their style, mannerisms, and attitude. Even though she is mostly selfish and remains emotionally distant from her family, she does have a softer side and has shown on numerous occasions that she does really care about the ones close to her.

Rallo Tubbs (Voiced by Mike Henry)- The five year old biological son of Donna which makes him Cleveland’s step son. He is essentially the Stewie of The Cleveland Show; he’s very advanced for his age and a child prodigy of sorts. While he isn’t exactly a genius like Stewie is, his vocabulary still far exceeds that of a normal 5 year old’s. He has more of an aggressive personality and much like a typical child his age, he is very selfish and wants things his way all the time. Some of his less than favorable personality traits stem from his real father, Robert, who is selfish, arrogant, and a liar. Despite how negligent Robert is to him, Rallo still views him as a bit of a role model. It takes awhile for him to warm up to Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. being new additions to the family, but he eventually forms somewhat good relationships with them and learns to respect their company.

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