Characters in Adventure Time

Characters in Adventure Time


Finn (Voiced by Jeremy Shada)- A young human boy in a foreign land and the main character of Adventure Time. He was originally 12 years old when the series began, but unlike most other kid cartoons, Finn actually ages with the show so the audience is growing up with him as well. As of the end of Season 6, he is 16 years old. Finn lives in a treehouse with his best friend and adventuring companion, Jake the dog. Together they go on quests, fight monsters and all around just bro out. He is a very brave adventurer whose confidence in his abilities borderlines on cockiness at times. Although he can get serious when time calls for it, being a young kid his age he has a happy, go-lucky attitude and loves to just play games and hang out with his buddy Jake. He does mature a lot as time goes on though. Throughout the series he has had numerous love interests, most notably Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess. From where the series currently stands, Finn is still the only human in the land of Ooo.




Jake (Voiced by John DiMaggio)- A magical dog who has the power to transform his body into any size and shape. If it doesn’t go without saying, clearly this power is EXTREMELY useful on all of their adventures. Like Finn, Jake is also a pretty optimistic dude who likes to just hang out, eat food, and occasionally go on adventures to fight against monsters. While he is similar in a lot of ways to Finn, overall he is the definitely the lazier one of the two. Since Finn is a human with no real ‘powers’ besides his skills with a sword, he has had to work hard for most things when adventuring. Since Jake can shape-shift to any object no matter what size or shape, a lot of things that would normally be very difficult to most people become very easy to him, in result making him a bit lazy in nature. He’s still a great, loyal friend though and is always there to have Finn’s back whenever he needs it; he’s a true bro.




Princess Bubblegum (Voiced by Hynden Walch)- One of the two main female protagonists of the show, and originally Finn’s romantic interest when the series began. She is the leader of the Candy Kingdom, and much like the other inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom, she is made of candy herself. She’s made of bubblegum, if you couldn’t guess… But I’m really hoping you could. Although she appears to be 18 years old or somewhere around there, her actual age remains a mystery but is thought to range in the 100’s of years. While she has her sweet (no pun intended) and compassionate side, numerous moments throughout the series reveal her to be quite the cold and calculated ruler. Some measures in which she has gone to for the sake of her kingdom border on strong utilitarian behavior.




Ice King/Simon Petrikov (Voiced by Tom Kenny)- The sympathetic villain of Adventure Time. While he started out as the main antagonist of the series due to his constant kidnapping of princesses, he eventually turns into more of a comic relief character, an occasional ally of Finn and Jake, and a character with a tragic past. Throughout the show the audience finds that Ice King isn’t actually ‘evil’ but rather he is being controlled by the crown on his head and has completely forgotten all about his former life; he is literally insane and delusional. He used to be known as Simon Petrikov before he transformed and took on his Ice King persona. In order to protect his life, he was forced to wear a cursed crown that slowly took away his sanity and his original body. The crown gave him the power to control ice and use it for his advantage to fight against monsters, but it also completely transformed him into a different entity while making him clinically insane with no memory of his past. Even though it’s only a kid’s cartoon, Ice King is one of the most tragic, fleshed out antagonists I’ve seen in all of television fiction.




Marceline the Vampire Queen (Voiced by Olivia Olson)- The other of the two main female protagonists of Adventure Time, although instead of being a candy creature like Princess Bubblegum, Marceline is a 1000 year old vampire queen. Unlike other vampires, she doesn’t need to drink blood in order to survive, rather she just drinks the color out of anything red. Even to this day, not much is known about Marceline’s past so she remains one of the most mysterious characters on the show. The only information we really know is that she knew Simon before he turned into the Ice King when she was a little girl, and they seemed to have some type of father-daughter relationship while not actually being related by blood. She does have a real vampire father though who makes occasional appearances on the show. A talented musician and electric bass player, Marceline is responsible for various original musical songs (that duet song with Ice King; them feels) throughout the series. She becomes a very close friend to Finn and Jake over the course of Adventure Time.




BMO (Voiced by Niki Yang)- A genderless robot that is shaped like a Gameboy/computer hybrid that lives with Finn and Jake. It possesses features of typical household objects like a video game console, video recorder, flashlight, camera, music player, just to name a few. While it doesn’t technically have a gender, it speaks with a strong Korean-accented female voice. Even though it helps out with Finn and Jake with a variety of functions as more of an ‘appliance’ or ‘object’, it is still a good friend of the two and they all treat each others as equals.




The Lich (Voiced by Ron Perlman)- The true antagonist of Adventure Time. He embodies all that is evil.


There you have it. The characters in Adventure Time.

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