Uncle Grandpa Review

uncle grandpa review

Uncle Grandpa Review

Let me start by saying this first. I don’t think Uncle Grandpa is a terrible show. It does have a terrible overall rating online though and essentially gets panned in every review. It’s far from a good show, but I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It’s basically just a ‘turn off your brain and be amused by the randomness that lays before you’ type of show so if you know that going into it, you might find a little enjoyment within it. Now with that out of the way, let’s dive into the Uncle Grandpa review.

Uncle Grandpa is one of those shows where the supporting characters are more interesting than the main character himself. I really wish they would just make a spin-off show with Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus and ditch gramps. Uncle Grandpa does have his moments… I guess. But his moments are usually only entertaining due to the totally bizarre and physically impossible stunts he pulls off, not anything he actually says.

Overall Rating: 67/100

Voice acting: B

Music: D

Art Animation: Typical cartoony style with bright colors and a surreal atmosphere.

Genre: Comedy

Premise of Show: A strange, old man who is somehow an uncle and grandpa to every kid he meets travels around in his RV with his talking fanny pack, a dinosaur, a slice of pizza, and a giant realistic flying tiger.

Episode Length: 11-12 minutes

Network/Where to Watch: Cartoon Network, Netflix

Episodic or Continuity? Episodic

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Characters in Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa

That one tooth gets me

Uncle Grandpa (Voiced by Peter Browngardt)- The titular character. Uncle Grandpa is an old, funny looking man with a mustache and a propeller hat who has the magical power of….. being a hybrid of an uncle and grandpa to every kid that crosses his path. He travels the land in his RV with his homies where they go on to help little kids with their problems, ranging from everyday life nuisances to surreal misadventures. He is a good samaritan by heart and a very upbeat, optimistic individual. The phrase “good morning” for some reason is his favorite thing to say as he says it all the time, even if it’s not the morning.

Belly Bag

Reminds me of the Jack Link hungry commercials

Belly Bag (Voiced by Eric Bauza)- Uncle Grandpa’s red fanny pack that can talk, known as Belly Bag. Yeah, pretty original name. It’s attached to Uncle Grandpa but it has the potential to walk and grow hands if it feels like it. It doesn’t have eyes either but can still see I guess, go figure. Inside Belly Bag lies many mysterious and strange things, ranging from tools to objects to even entire dimensions. Belly Bag and Uncle Grandpa are ride-or-die homies and are always there to support each other.

Pizza Steve

This is literally Adam DeMamp from Workaholics

Pizza Steve (Voiced by Adam DeVine)- A talking slice of pepperoni pizza that always wear black shades to help with his ‘cool’ image. Pizza Steve is the coolest cat (well, pizza slice I guess) in town, or at least he likes to think so. He is extremely vain and narcissistic which makes him always brag about awesome he is. He has a very inflated sense of ego and thinks that he’s super popular with everyone, including the ladies, when in reality his self-centered personality makes it hard for people to like him. With all that being said though, he’s probably the funniest character on the show in my opinion and provides the most laughs. He’s voiced by Adam from the show Workaholics and he brings a lot of his personality from that show into his character here.

Mr. Gus

A dumb downed wanna be Godzilla

Mr. Gus (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)- A giant talking, green dinosaur who also possesses the abilities of a dragon seeing as how he can breathe fire. Mr. Gus is super calm and collected; he is the most grounded character on the show and is usually the voice of reason. While he does get annoyed with Pizza Steve’s conceitedness and Uncle Grandpa’s crazy antics from time to time, for the most part he does a good job in not letting them get to him. He is sort of like bodyguard to Uncle Grandpa, but him and Pizza Steve have a love/hate relationship.

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

Where does it get its rainbow power from?

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger- Giant realistic flying tiger is… a giant realistic flying tiger. Yes, they actually say all four words and nine syllables every time they refer to her. No, I don’t know why they would want to do that. But they do. Anyway, she is exactly what the name implies though. She is literally a realistic, photographic cut-out of an actual tiger. She sticks out like a sore thumb anytime she’s on screen because it’s a genuine, real picture of a tiger amidst a cartoony dinosaur and a slice of pizza. She is Uncle Grandpa’s main source of transportation in addition to the RV, and she leaves rainbow trails every where she flies. She doesn’t actually talk, because I guess the creators were staying consistent with the realistic theme of tigers not being able to talk, but only communicate verbally through roars. Even though she can’t talk, they kill the realism within her by making her act like a typical teenage girl crossed with a domestic house cat crossed with a ferocious tiger.


The Content

Uncle Grandpa Review

The Strange RV

The basic premise of Uncle Grandpa is that he travels the land in his magical RV with his friends where they go on to help kids everywhere with various predicaments. Some episodes deviate from this formula and don’t include any kids and instead focus on Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger just hanging out and getting into situations of their own. Every episode is stand alone and basically follows an ‘adventure of the week’ format with a new child to help each episode. The concept of a random old dude with a mustache who claims to be related to the random kids that he somehow finds their location as if there was some pedophile alert embedded inside his body that goes off every time a kid is in need is already creepy enough. Yet somehow all these kid’s parents are totally cool with the idea of an old mustached man (let’s face it, mustaches with no beards are just kind of creepy in this day and age) with overalls and a rainbow colored propeller hat taking their kids away on random little adventures to do know lord knows what. They’re just like “Oh, it’s just Uncle Grandpa. It’s cool. Take my kid to your strange RV with your carnivorous tiger, dinosaur, and talking slice of pizza that was probably only personified due to the copious amount of drugs that you’re doing on there and do whatever you want.” I hope I’m a bit more of a careful parent when the time comes, but I guess only time will tell.

All kidding aside, Uncle Grandpa knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not. It’s not a deep show. There is no plot, character development, or underlying themes to discover. What there is however, is just random, nonsensical jokes after jokes that’s only goal is make you laugh time and time again. Unfortunately it fails a lot of the time, but occasionally it has its moments. I might only be thinking this largely due to the fact that I’m well above the show’s intended demographic in regards to its actual comedy, but I don’t think any 10 years old are going to be reading this review so I’m sure a lot of you will echo my thoughts. While the comedy may be played out for younger kids, the combination of surreal and trippy vibe this show gives out in addition to its radiant color scheme can certainly appeal to an older, stoner crowd. I could definitely see a group of college bros passing around a bong while watching Uncle Grandpa and being captivated by the bright colors and overall randomness of the show.

Uncle Grandpa Review

A catch phrase we hear far too much

The voice acting is pretty hit or miss with the show. Some characters do a great job with their voice, like Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus. Pizza Steve displays his narcissism well, which honestly probably wasn’t too hard for his voice actor because his character on Workaholics is very similar with his extremely vain personality. Mr. Gus does a good job in acting like a chill as **** dude who is super laid back and doesn’t care about much. Uncle Grandpa though… That’s where some points are docked. Your mileage may vary with your tolerance of his voice, but a general consensus seems to be that it’s fairly annoying. Considering he is the main character of the show with the most lines… This is clearly not a good thing. I don’t think it’s THAT bad and it really doesn’t bother me all that much, but I have read some complaints online of some people who flat out can’t stand his voice. It’ll probably just be one of those things that you’ll have to listen to yourself and gauge your own opinion.

Final Verdict: Uncle Grandpa leaves a lot to be desired, and I don’t think it hits its full potential. Besides Uncle Grandpa himself, Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus are some pretty interesting and unique characters that I think could do better in their own stand alone show with a different format. I think a show following those two around just getting into random, surreal misadventures without the whole ‘Uncle Grandpa helping little kids with problems’ would be a much more interesting show. In fact I could definitely see something like that doing better on Adult Swim. It is what it is though, and this is the product we have. Uncle Grandpa is an at best mediocre show with a potentially enthralling atmosphere that is unfortunately not realized to its full potential due to the titular character bringing the show down. If you’re a fan of random, nonsensical comedies with a bit of a trippy/stoner vibe, then you might find a little enjoyment with this show. If you’re looking for something more deep with an actual story and better dialogue like Adventure Time or Steven Universe, then do yourself a favor and look elsewhere or read my reviews on Adventure Time and or Steven UniverseOnce again, thanks for reading my Uncle Grandpa review!


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